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360 Tummy Tuck Turkey

The 360-tummy tuck is a procedure that is abdominoplasty, done circumferentially. Where a patient has large areas of hanging loose skin around their middle, on their flanks and across their back then this procedure could be considered. It is often carried out on its own or can be done alongside other cosmetic surgery such as a body lift or with liposuction.

Very often a 360-tummy tuck is done as part of the so called ‘mummy makeover.’ If somebody has lost a considerable amount of weight or after pregnancy or multiple pregnancy has developed skin that droops over the waist, they will most probably also have abdominal muscles that have been weakened. Very often these people have tried to shift the excess skin and stubborn fatty deposits by following a regime of exercise and diet. However where skin is truly loose no amount of diet or exercise will help and plastic surgery will usually be the only 100% certain remedy. With it, a patient can enjoy a flatter and firmer abdomen again and reverse the effects of time on their body.

What happens in a 360 Tummy Tuck

The 360 Tummy Tuck procedure is plastic surgery used to achieve greater body contouring and the ability to have a shapelier and tauter abdomen. There are several techniques that can be used to carry out this procedure and which one is chosen will depend on the amount of correction that is needed. The 360 abdominoplasty, otherwise known as the circumferential abdominoplasty, can be extremely helpful for people who have lost weight after bariatric surgery or who have lost the natural contours of their body following one or more pregnancies.

This procedure will not only involve removing excess skin from the abdominal area but it can also address what are called ‘love handles’ and fat that has gathered over the hips over the back. To begin the procedure, a plastic surgeon will make an incision that follows the line of the waist. Once that incision is made, stubborn fat and loose skin can be removed and the surgeon will also be able to tighten up any muscles that just sagging. The surgical transformation will begin with the administering of a general anaesthetic. Incisions will then be made on the abdomen around the naval and between the pubic hair line and the naval. The skin will be moved down at this point and any excess skin that there is will be excised.

The belly button will be moved to a new position to reflect the new landscape of your abdomen and to give you a natural look.

What will the results of a 360-tummy tuck be?

Apart from removing the loose skin around the abdomen and at the front and back of the middle section of the body, other areas of fat can be tackled either surgically or with liposuction. Following the procedure most patients will enjoy several benefits such as:

  • A greater confidence in their appearance.
  • A better ability to remove skin and excess fat that is not possible with a traditional tummy tuck.
  • Greatly improved posture.
  • Where a patient suffers from SUI (stress urinary incontinence). The symptoms will be greatly improved.
  • Ventral hernia correction.
  • Relief from particular back pain types.

Before the surgery

Although the benefits of the 360-tummy tuck are very tempting it is true to say that it is not a suitable procedure for everybody. At your appointment with your consultant they will look at several factors to determine whether or not you're a suitable candidate for this procedure. There are certain things that are essential if someone is considering this very extensive surgical procedure and they should:

  • Be in good general physical health
  • Have a stable wait
  • Not be planning to get pregnant
  • Not smoke

As well as satisfying these criteria you may also need to have further laboratory work and testing to ensure that you are in good health. Smoking is a very bad idea as far as recovery from such major surgery is concerned, so your surgeon will need to be convinced that you are prepared to stop smoking before your operation. Certain medication, such as blood thinners and anti-inflammatory meds and even some herbal supplements are contraindicated and your surgeon may ask you to stop taking them before your surgery.

It is only by ensuring that these criteria are strictly adhered to that a surgeon can give the best chance to his patient of avoiding any risks, post operatively. If you have any other concerns at all, you can discuss him at the time of your consultation.

Post operative recovery

Once your surgery is over you will probably have to stay in the hospital for one night to make sure that all is well. The operation site will be dressed after surgery and there may also be tubes for drainage inserted where your incisions were made. In the immediate post operative period you will need someone help you because it will be very difficult for you to bend or stretch to pick up or reach for things. There will be things that your surgeon will suggest that you do during the post operative period to ensure the best chance of a full recovery. You should listen carefully to what you are told. Some of the things you are most likely to be asked to do will be:

  • To sleep at a certain angle.
  • To take any medicine as prescribed.
  • To make sure that you do not lift or bend or carry anything heavy.
  • To clean the incisions carefully.
  • To wear the compression garment you have been given.
  • To eat healthily and get plenty of rest.
  • To drink plenty of fluids to keep hydrated.
  • To avoid drinking alcohol and smoking.

Following your doctor's instructions carefully will help you to recover fast and avoid risks of developing blood clots or infection. If an infection does develop and it becomes severe this could ruin the work that has been done to give you a pleasing aesthetic result and may result in you having to be admitted to hospital again.

How long it takes you to recover from your tummy tuck procedure will depends on several factors such as your overall health your age and how will you comply with the instructions given to you by your surgeon. In general, however and if all goes well then you should be able to return to your normal activities around four weeks after your surgery.

The lower body lift 360 Tummy Tuck

Where a patient has suffered loss of elasticity in their skin it is likely that, as well as having a 360-tummy tuck, they may also need to have stubborn deposits of fat removed from anywhere between their knees and their ribs. This will achieve recontouring and give an overall pleasing appearance. Patients also often elect to have a breast lift or arm lift at the same time as they're having their 360-tummy tuck.

360 lift versus traditional Tummy Tuck

If you are wondering whether you would be better to have a traditional tummy tuck or a 360-lift procedure then your cosmetic surgeon will be able to discuss all aspects of both procedures with you so that you can make a choice that's going to be right for you. Here are some of the main differences between both techniques:

At the time of your initial consultation, you should discuss with your cosmetic surgeon having a tummy tuck vs. a 360-lift and make an informed choice. Here are some of the key differences between the two techniques.

  • If excess loose skin and laxity is a concern, in your abdominal area, then a tummy tuck procedure may be the right route for you. If, on the other hand, you need a more radical correction of the areas in your lower body then a 360-body lift might be the way to go.
  • Incisions. With the traditional tummy tuck there will be a smaller incision that will be placed where your abdomen has a natural crease. For a 360 lower body lift the incision will be longer and will go around the entire length of your waist front to back.
  • Treatment area: the focus of tummy tuck surgery is lifting and tightening the upper and lower central abdominal regions. With a 360-lift additional work can be done to lift the thighs the hips, buttocks and the flanks as well as the back while the abdomen is being operated on to give an overall uniform appearance.
  • 360 Liposuction versus the 360 Tummy Tuck. If you have made up your mind to have contouring body surgery then it might be worth looking at the differences between the 360-liposuction procedure and the 360-tummy tuck procedure and discuss what other options you have for these, with your surgeon. He or she might suggest that you have both procedures to give more defined contouring.
  • Your treatment goal: Where 360-Tummy Tuck is concerned the main focus of the procedure will be to get rid of hanging or loose skin in the abdomen and other areas of the lower body. If, on the other hand, your concern is more about bulging fat deposits over the hips, the abdomen, the thighs and buttocks then 360 liposuction surgery is more likely to give you the results you want.
  • The surgical approach: The 360-liposuction and tummy tuck procedures are done via different surgical techniques. With a tummy tuck there will be a longer scar where the excess skin has been removed and the underlying muscles repaired and tightened. Liposuction does not involve any procedure other than removal of fat deposits so there will be no change to your muscle or skin condition.
  • Combining Procedures: a tummy tuck can certainly be combined with 360-liposuction to address both the problem of lax skin and fatty deposits that persist, around the waist and over the lower body and your surgeon may well adopt both procedures together, to give you the best result.

The Brazilian Butt Lift and the Tummy Tuck 360

There can be many reasons that people find themselves left with saggy skin in their abdominals region. Pregnancy or repeated pregnancy, an inactive lifestyle, dramatic weight loss or even hereditary factors can lead to this unwanted effect. The laxity of skin can extend to the buttock area and a Brazilian butt lift may be the answer, combined with the 360-tummy tuck.

  • The process: Your plastic surgeon will make an incision around the entire circumference of your waist to involve both the front and the back of your body. An additional cut will be made in the creases between the buttocks and through this incision excess skin can be removed from the flanks from the back, the buttocks and the abdomen.
  • The benefit: When the Brazilian butt lift is combined with a 360-tummy tuck the results will be a smooth and contoured stomach created by the 360-tummy tuck while the butt lift will provide a smooth and shapelier looking derriere.
  • Post operative recovery: if a patient elects to have a 360-tummy tuck as well as a Brazilian butt lift, the period of recovery, post operatively, will not vary much from having a circumferential abdominoplasty. Having a Brazilian butt lift on its own however, will obviously need a shorter time for recovery. Skilful surgeons will use scars that already exist to minimise the surgical procedures and hasten your healing.

Scarring from a 360 Tummy Tuck

When you have your preoperative consultation your surgeon will explain to you exactly what you need to consider with regards to the scar you'll be left with after your 360-tummy tuck. Our skilled surgeons will always make the incisions around the waist so that whether you're wearing underwear or swimwear, it will not be visible.

Your surgeon will have useful advice for you on how to care for your scar and ensure that it heals and fades nicely. The points that you need to remember are:

  • Not to smoke before your surgery or after it for several weeks, if possible give up altogether
  • Keep your scar out of direct sunlight for at least a year
  • Use silicone sheets or a silicon cream or use petroleum Jelly to put on your scar to improve its appearance.
  • Be very careful not to expose your scar to anything that might cause it to become infected
  • For the period after your surgery be careful not to exercise too strenuously or put any strain on the scar

Recovering from your 360-tummy tuck

A 360-tummy tuck is major surgery so it's important that you understand that and stick to the advice you were given following your surgery. Your surgeon will guide you on how you should proceed but this is a guide for the post operative period after a 360-tummy tuck:

For the first ten post operative days

You will have to rest at home or in your hotel room for a period of around 7 to 10 days after you've had your surgery. Resting adequately during this time will help your scar heal and your body recovered from the surgery. Any pain that you have during this time can be managed with pain medication. Your surgeon will tell you that it is important to move around for short periods of time to ensure that the blood supply to the incision areas is stimulated.

11 days to 30 days post operatively

In the second week following your surgery you will be able to start going back to your regular routine. Provided your job is not very physical or strenuous you could go back to work because you still need to avoid doing any strenuous exercise or heavy lifting at this time. You can take up mild exercise in the 3rd to 4th week following your surgery.

Two months post operatively and onwards

Now the results from your circumferential abdominoplasty will start to be apparent as you make your recovery from the surgery. If at all possible you should still not be smoking and it will also help to increase protein in your diet to promote the best healing. Once you enter the third month following your surgery you should be able to start your exercise again including sports and also gym activity.

When you first see your plastic surgeon and before you have any procedure they will show you some of the before and after pictures of patients who have already had this type of surgery at our clinic. This is partly to show you what we can achieve and also to help you to be more realistic in your expectations as to what it is possible to achieve.

a very important point to remember is that having a tummy tuck is not a substitute for losing weight, indeed a surgeon may not accept you for abdominoplasty or a 360-tummy tuck if you are too much over your ideal weight. If you are going to have a consultation online with your surgeon then make sure you have some photographs of the areas you want to have treated for him or her to have a look at.

The price of 360 Tummy Tuck

There is no getting away from the fact that plastic surgery is not inexpensive and the cost of it is going to determine the decision of whether you go ahead or not. When you see your consultant you should talk about the cost of a 360-tummy tuck and also make sure that the price that you were quoted includes everything else that you need such as the surgeons feed the cost of the anaesthetic the operating room and hospital charges.

How much does a 360-tummy tuck cost in Turkey?

When you elect to have your 360-tummy tuck done in Turkey you can expect to pay you something in the region of£ £3500 to £ 7000, roughly about 70% less than you would have to pay if you had similar surgery in the UK. Turkey is fast gaining a reputation as an excellent centre for medical tourism and you can be assured that we will take care of all details for you so that your trip is a smooth and as successful as we can make it.

Would my medical insurance cover the cost of my 360-tummy tuck?

Generally, because having abdominoplasty or a tummy tuck is considered a cosmetic surgery procedure, health insurance would not cover it. However, if the loose skin in your abdominal area is giving rise to skin rashes and repeated infections then it may be possible to get some or all of your surgery covered by your medical insurance. To have your surgery in Turkey represents the best value for money with a very tried and tested safe outcome. Always check with your insurance to see what they may be able to help you with.

The 360 Tummy Tuck in Turkey

Many thousands of men and women from the UK are now choosing to have a 360-tummy tuck done in Turkey. this top destination for medical tourism offers highly sophisticated cutting-edge plastic surgery such as the circumferential abdominoplasty. There are several reasons why you should choose to have your 360-tummy tuck here in Turkey.

Modern and safe, state of the Art Hospitals

in Turkey we have well equipped and very advanced plastic surgical centres that use the latest and most cutting-edge technology and techniques to deliver the best possible results and can compete with any hospital in the world.

Plastic Surgeons who are highly qualified and vastly experienced

Reconstructive, plastic and cosmetic surgeons in Turkey are very highly qualified, affiliated and certified with the most prestigious associations for plastic surgery.

A convenient destination for UK Patients

The UK and Turkey have a long and cordial relationship. This means that it is completely safe to travel to this welcoming country where all of our plastic surgeons speak English as well as Turkish and we offer patient coordinators who speak English and will take care of you from the time you arrive in Turkey to the time you leave.

Surgeons in Turkey offering 360 Tummy Tuck

The success of your surgical procedure will always depend on the skill and expertise of the surgeon who is carrying it out. Whether you're choosing a plastic surgeon in Turkey or anywhere else in the world, these are the important points you need to check before you go ahead:

  • Training and skill: make sure that the surgeon you pick to do your surgery is not just a general surgeon but has had specialist training in plastic surgery. Ask to see before and after photos of previous procedures that they have carried out and don't be shy to ask for their success rate.
  • An artistic eye: The best plastic surgeons are not only men of science they have an artistic side to them as well. This allows them to customise and define the tummy tuck treatments they do to meet the needs of their patients and produce the most stunning aesthetic results.
  • Attention to detail and personal care: Having this type of plastic surgery is major surgery so you want to ensure that your plastic surgeon is prepared to listen to you and really give you their attention and the very personal care that it takes to ensure that you get exactly what you want from your surgery, and that you feel confident that you are supported in the recovery period.

Begin your journey to a flatter more contoured abdomen with your 360-Tummy Tuck at Tummy Tuck Clinic

A 360-tummy tuck will give you the opportunities to have a more useful slimmer profile with a firm tummy that is flat and defined. All the staff at Tummy Tuck Clinic in Turkey will be working with you to achieve your goals. Call us today to start that journey to a more youthful, trim looking future.

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