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Extended Tummy Tuck Turkey

Like a regular tummy tuck, an extended tummy tuck is medically termed an abdominoplasty. However, instead of reducing fat and excess skin in the abdominal area, it can remove fat from the flanks, sometimes known love handles, in the area between the hips and waist. An extended tummy tuck will deal with excess skin around the lateral thigh.

People who have dropped a huge amount of weight for example after bariatric surgery who have been left with excess skin and want a smoother and more toned appearance for their abdomen.

When would an extended abdominoplasty be recommended.

Sometimes, significant excess skin will extend beyond the abdomen to the flanks and there may also be drooping or sagging of the outer thighs. This is often seen after there has been major weight loss. A standard abdominoplasty, while it could deal with the abdominal skin would not address the problem of excess skin over the flanks leading to what is commonly called a "muffin top".

The problem with having a muffin top is that it is not something that can be fixed in a few minutes. Far better that the potential for this problem is catered and planned for during surgery and in that way the excess skin can be surgically removed.

An Extended Abdominoplasty

First Step

The patient’s skin will be marked with the areas from which skin is to be removed. The navel will also be marked and will be detached but remain attached for the duration of the surgery. There will be a hole in the skin flap but that will be removed with the excess skin, later in the surgery. Once surgery has been completed then the patent will be moved onto first their right and then their left side. The dissection area will extend to the flanks which is further than it is in the traditional abdominoplasty.

Third Step

Now the muscle structure will be tightened using a ‘running suture.’ The muscles will be pulled and fixed together in the midline.

Fourth Step

The repair of the abdominal muscle structure will be completed

Fifth Step

All excess skin will be lifted and pulled down the abdominal wall area.

Sixth Step

Next the flank incision will be exposed. The excess skin will be lifted, trimmed and the wound will be closed. The abdominal muscles will not be tightened. The patient will be turned to expedite the surgery on the other side.

Seventh Step

Now that surgical procedure has been done, and the patient will be turned over for further excision of the skin of the flank, the belly button will be re-sited and re-attached and the wounds will be closed and dressed.

How does the extended tummy tuck work?

During this procedure, excess fat and skin will be removed from the abdominal area and any muscle repair will be carried out where muscles have been torn or are loose. The result of this contouring will be a flatter, smoother and tauter abdomen.

How is a tummy tuck performed?

  • An extended tummy tuck will start with the surgeon making an incision between the left and right hips and lower down in the pubis. If you have previously had a caesarean section your surgeon may well use that existing scar for this procedure.
  • Where any muscles are found to have separated, for instance after pregnancy they will repaired, to give a tauter appearance.
  • The navel will be detached and liposuction maybe used to remove any stubborn areas of fat.
  • Any excess skin will be taken the flank and from the tummy area and the skin will be brought together to make it tauter.
  • finally the naval will be stitched back in place.

What areas are targeted in an extended tummy tuck

An extended tummy tuck will target the lower and upper stomach areas, the flanks the waist and also usually the lateral upper most areas of the thigh.

Extended tummy tucks target the upper and lower stomach, waist, flanks, and sometimes the uppermost lateral thighs.

What can I expect after I've had my extended tummy tuck?

Your operating surgeon will speak to you about what you can expect after your surgery and is likely to tell you:

  • What activities you should avoid and how long for.
  • When it will be safe for you to drink alcohol again and when it will be safe you to resume any medications you've been asked to stop before surgery.
  • Management of the drainage tubes that were inserted during surgery.
  • When you should attend again to have your post-surgical follow up.

Some of the results from your surgery will be visible immediately but you must remember that the operated area will still have swelling and will be covered in bandages. Over the first post operative week it is likely that you will be advised that you should sleep at a certain angle and also avoid any heavy lifting or strenuous activity.

Around two to three months after you've had your surgery most of the swelling should have resolved although you still be able to see scars which will lessen and fade in time. After six months has passed and up to twelve months after the procedure you will begin to see the final result of your surgery. This will be a permanent result unless you become pregnant again at all if you have any significant weight gain.

Before and After Pictures

We know it can help tom see the photos of people who have already had this procedure to decide if this might be a good procedure for you. Here are some before and after pictures:

Is there anything I can do to prepare myself for my tummy tuck surgery?

Yes there is. Before you have the surgery you will have some blood tests and other tests to ensure that you are in good general health. Your surgeon will also have some other criteria he wishes you to meet such as:

  • He will need to be convinced that you can stop smoking.
  • That you are able to limit your alcohol intake.
  • You will be asked to stop taking aspirin and other anti-inflammatory drugs and some herbal supplements, which may have the potential to make bleeding worse or to prevent clotting.

What will my recovery from my extended tummy tuck be like?

You cannot rush a recovery from this type of surgery and it can take several weeks during which time you will need to take plenty of rest and also avoid any strenuous activity until you are told it's safe to do so, by your surgeon. You will be encouraged to walk around your home, however so that your circulation is stimulated, blood clots are avoided and your recovery is kept on track.

When you have your surgery your surgeon will usually place drains into the incisions to make sure that any fluid is drained from that area. These drains will have to be removed one or two weeks after your surgery and a compression garment is usually part of the recovery process and will have to be worn for several weeks.

Your Extended Tummy Tuck Consultation

You should only ever consider having this type of procedure performed by someone who was fully board certified. At Tummy Tuck Clinic in Turkey, we will be happy to offer you a consultation at which time your surgeon will be able to review any photographs you have and to discuss the details as well as the cost of the procedure.

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