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Mommy Makeover (two areas of liposuction with tummy tuck, breast lift and implant)

£5000    €5500




Mommy Makeover (two areas of liposuction with tummy tuck, breast lift and implant and BBL )

£5500     €6000




Mommy Makeover Turkey

Many patients have chosen to have their mommy makeover add tell clinic of the same name in Turkey.  they want this because they want to return their appearance to a more youthful look that time and having a family has compromised.

What is  a Mommy Makeover?

The term ‘mommy makeover’ is plastic surgery used to reverse the effects on the body caused by breastfeeding and pregnancy. This will usually consist of having excess skin removed from the belly, giving a more useful shape to the breasts with a breast enlargement or uplift and reducing any pockets of stubborn fat.  A mommy makeover might also include work on the buttocks and on the vagina.

Although most women love being mothers there is no doubt that pregnancy and breastfeeding can take its toll on the body. After pregnancy the skin may become loose while sagging breasts may be the result of breastfeeding once or more. A lot of women yearn to have the body they had before pregnancy but even with strict dieting and exercise, sometimes it is only surgical intervention that can achieve what they want.  At Mommy Makeover, Turkey we understand this desire and are pleased to produce personalised plan for each of our patients so that they can get back to the youthful body they want in the safest and most skilled of hands.

How will my Mommy Makeover be performed?

This procedure will be carried out under general anaesthetic and the length of the surgery will depend on the individual plan for each patient.

The mommy makeover, Turkey is a combined surgical approach. The aim will be to achieve overall tightening of the entire body through tackling sagging, excess skin in the areas in which it exists. The biggest advantage of this approach will be that the patient will be left with dramatic changes to their appearance accomplished in a very short time scale.  if each operation on each individual part of the body was performed separately then several general anaesthetics and years of interval time would need to elapse to achieve the same results.

The Mommy Makeover in Turkey

Turkey is fast becoming one of the most sought-after medical tourism destinations worldwide and attracts thousands of patients for treatment, each year. Turkey is proud of its reputation of excellence in this field and in their assistance of patients from foreign countries. Its popularity can be explained by several factors:

  • One of the most important factors is cost because having this type of procedure in our clinic in Turkey can save sometimes as much as 70 to 80% on the price of a similar treatment in other European countries. 
  • Of course that is no good if the treatment is second class, but in Turkey you can be assured of the most competent and highly experienced board-certified surgeons who have worked hard to gain their excellent reputation. Have a look at our before and after photographs to see some of the work that our surgeons have done.
  • Another one of the factors is the fact that the Turkish economy makes it a perfect choice for a patient who would like to combine a medical procedure with a holiday to explore a new country.

The procedures that make up Mommy Makeover Surgery

In fact mommy makeover surgery is not one surgery is a combination of several procedures that produce the end result that a patient desires.  it will consist of various procedures such as:

Treatment with liposuction

Liposuction is used to remove stubborn pockets of fat that it has not been possible to remove with diet and exercise.

Augmentation, uplift or reduction of the breasts

After breastfeeding many women find that their breasts lose fullness and sag.  For firmer breasts we can offer a breast uplift and if breasts have lost volume, we can increase their size. Your surgeon may recommend a combination of breast implants and breast uplift surgery.

The Thigh Lift

Where a woman's weight has fluctuated there may be sagging skin around the thighs and a thigh lift can remedy this by giving a new firmer and rounded shape to the inner thighs.

The Mommy Makeover vaginoplasty

Having a baby vaginally may result in stretching or other deformity of the vagina. Women who feel that their vagina has been impacted by a birth or several births may opt to undergo a vaginoplasty so that vaginal tightness can be restored.

The Mommy Makeover tummy tuck

Even if you get back to your pre-pregnancy weight, many women find that they have excess abdominal skin which has stretched and lost its elasticity. Having a tummy tuck is a great way of combating this and restoring tightness and a flat abdominal area.

The Mommy Makeover Brazilian Butt Lift

Our butts can suffer following pregnancy and the Brazilian butt lift can be a great way of restoring a more rounded, firmer and younger looking bottom.

The Mommy Makeover Arm lift

Fluctuating weight can cause upper arms to become flabby and can give rise to the development of what are known as ‘bingo wings’.  An arm lift can combat this phenomenon.

Be treated by the best plastic Mommy Makeover Surgeons In Turkey

Our Clinic relies on the collaboration of some of the best surgeons in Turkey to perform our mommy makeovers at prices that make it affordable for everyone. Our plastic surgeons are selected for their success rate in this area and for their international standing and accreditation.  These are surgeons who have gained recognition internationally through their research and contribution to medicine and all are bold certified.

Who who would be a good candidate for Mommy Makeover Surgery in Turkey?

Someone who:

  • Wants to reverse the effects of breastfeeding and pregnancy on their body
  • Has breasts that have sagged after breastfeeding
  • Has loose skin around the abdominal area or whose abdomen is protruding
  • Has lost the volume in their buttocks
  • A woman who wants to tighten her arms thighs and/or their vagina
  • Is in good general health
  • Wants to benefit from the great prices for mommy makeover in Turkey

What will the benefits of a Mommy Makeover Turkey be?

Having a mommy makeover means:

  • Your surgery will be performed by the most experienced and highly qualified aesthetic surgeons
  • Your surgery will be undertaken in a state-of-the-art hospital
  • You will receive excellent and personal care before ,during and after your visit to us in Turkey
  • You will have the best of treatments at a truly affordable cost
  • Lastly will enjoy the benefits of feeling more confident and happier with your more youthful appearance

How much will a Mommy Makeover Cost me in Turkey?

As mentioned before, a mommy makeover is a combination of several different surgeries so that the price that you pay will depend on which of the procedures you elect to have. As a guide, surgery in Turkey will be around 50 to 70% less than you would have to pay in the UK, the USA or the rest of Europe even including the fact that you will pay for flights accommodation, your transport and even a nursery service for children and post operative follow up in Turkey.  The reason that your surgery will be so reasonably priced in Turkey has to do with the fact that labour costs are cheaper and the industry benefits from government subsidies.  Currently more people come to Turkey for their plastic surgery procedures than any other European country which means that our surgeons are gaining more experience every day.

What will the recovery be like for my Mommy Makeover surgery?

As we've already mentioned, several surgeries are likely to be involved in your mommy makeover and that will mean that the recovery may be somewhat uncomfortable, but our doctors and nurses will help you at every step of the way including giving you tips on caring for your scars and pain relief if you have some discomfort.

One week post operatively: this will be the toughest time for you as you probably would expect. You will be given painkillers to deal with any discomfort and soreness that you have.  most of your time will be spent resting in bed and you will not be able to move around a lot, although you will be encouraged to move a little so that the development of blood clots is avoided.

Two weeks post operatively: you will most likely still feel sore I'm tired, but you will be able to move around more although you will spend most of your time resting.

Three weeks post operatively: This might be the week that you find the most demanding as you will begin to feel better but probably impatient to get moving and back to normal again.

Four weeks post operatively: much of the soreness will have gone now and you will find your energy returning.

Five weeks post operatively: at this point it is safe for patients to return to their sporting activities provided these are low intensity.  Your incisions should have healed by now and the swelling will have mostly resolved.

You should be aware that it can take up to 12 months for the final results of your surgery to be completely appreciated.

Frequently Asked Questions - Mommy Makeover Turkey  

It is certainly ideal if you are at your normal weight or close to it before you have this procedure so that you can get the full benefit from the procedure

We are always very careful to point out that having a mommy makeover should not be considered as a way to lose weight. If your makeover is going to include liposuction then you will lose a bit of weight as those stubborn pockets of fat are removed, but this weight loss will not be dramatic and is not the intention of the procedure.

Your procedure is going to be carried out under general anaesthetic so there will be no pain during the procedure and afterwards for any pain that you may have you will be given appropriate pain medication.

this will depend on which surgeries have been included in your mommy makeover but you'll be able to start thinking about getting back to within within 7 to 14 days provided your procedures have not been extensive. Your surgeon will guide you on this.

This very much depends on you. You may elect to have a tummy tuck, breast implants or a lift or reduction, liposuction, a Brazilian butt lift a thigh or an arm lift or a vaginoplasty.

In our clinic in Istanbul, Turkey, the cost of a mommy makeover starts at around £4500 to a maximum of around £6000 depending on the procedures elected.

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