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What is T-incision Tummy Tuck Surgery?

When a tummy tuck is performed and incision is usually placed on the horizontal line over the stomach from one hip to the other. Sometimes a smaller incision is made vertically to extend upwards horizontally from the incision. This procedure has been given the name the inverted

'T' incision. This type of incision may also be called an 'anchor pattern tummy tuck' and it will offer the patient the benefit of being left with just one small scar.

The Anchor Pattern Tummy Tuck Can offer greater customisation

Many surgeons like the inverted T incision because it means that they can pull in the patients waist to the middle of their stomach. This gives a tightened and slimmed down appearance and it also offers additional skin tightening on the horizontal line giving an improved profile. The original tummy tuck procedure is only able to tighten the skin vertically with very minimal tightening horizontally.

When would a surgeon recommend the anchor-pattern tummy tuck?

A surgeon may well recommend this procedure if it is found that the patient has an excessively large amount of skin below their belly button while there is insufficient excess skin above the belly button for a tummy tuck to be done in the traditional way. A small vertical incision is balanced by a longer incision horizontally that is made lower on the patient’s torso. This ensures that the scarring from the operation cannot be seen when the patient is in underwear or in swimwear.

Who would be considered a good candidate for his type of tummy tuck?

A tummy tuck using the inverted ‘T’ is commonly used for patients who have dropped a significant amount of weight - in the region of over 100 pounds or more. These patients may also need to have a buttock or thigh lift or a breast or underarm lift so that their appearance appears uniform. These procedures can be done at the same time or separately.

We invite you to have a look at the before and after photos of patients who have had a tummy tuck at the clinic so that you can see the results that can be achieved. If you would like to talk about contouring options for yourself with a surgeon at our clinic in Turkey you can set up a consultation by filling in one of our online forms. we also have a UK number 020 34758376 or you can contact us on WhatsApp through the number of our Turkish clinic 905545871094.

How much will a T-incision Tummy Tuck cost me if I have it done in Turkey?

The cost for this kind of tummy tuck surgery starts from £3000 rising to £3750.

Ask us about the full packages we offer that will include your airport transfers, a 4-star hotel with breakfast and transportation to your hospital appointment and back. Our packages start from £3750.

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